Winter Conference 2014 Further Advances Special Education

Over the last five years the U.S. Special Education Advisory Committee with the Bhutan Foundation has been working collaboratively with the Ministry of Education to develop programs to help the growing needs of Special education services in the schools around the country. The U.S. Special Education Advisory Committee supported the 2nd Winter Conference on Special Education organized by the Ministry of Education, Early Childhood Care and Development and Special Education Division, from January 28-29. The conference was held at Gelephu Higher Secondary School, where 33 participants gathered to advance education for students with special needs in Bhutan.

Participants shared the progress of inclusive education programs, deliberated on issues and challenges in the implementation of special education programs. They also suggested alternative measures to address special education issues and challenges, and drew action plans for the 2014 academic year. The conference also served as a follow-up session to the Bhutan Foundation’s 2013 summer workshop and trainings.

Partakers included principals and special education coordinators from eight schools who support and provide teaching programs to children with special needs. We also included other stakeholders and local partners who play a crucial role in moving the Special Education Program forward in the country, such as Draktsho Vocational Centre, Ability Bhutan Society, and the Bhutan Canada Foundation.