Bhutan Canada Foundation (BCF)

The Bhutan Canada Foundation (BCF) works to further the development of Bhutan and its people through programs that affect its educational and social institutions. BCF achieves its goals through partnerships with the people of Bhutan, carrying on a long-standing tradition of Canadian and Bhutanese knowledge exchange, cooperation, and goodwill. BCF’s Teach in Bhutan program provides the opportunity for Western teachers to develop new teaching techniques, share expertise with local Bhutanese teachers, and understand the concept and practice of Gross National Happiness, all while exploring an authentic Himalayan culture. These volunteer teachers spend a minimum of one year in a local Bhutanese school that lacks human resources, especially in rural communities located throughout the country.

The Bhutan Canada Foundation partners with the Bhutan Foundation through their Teach in Bhutan program. This partnership hopes to enhance the Bhutan Foundation’s Special Education Program through recruitment of special education teachers who can be placed in the eight pilot schools that address the learning needs of children with disabilities. BCF also plays a critical role as a stakeholder in our mission to provide access to education for children of all abilities.