Bhutan Youth Development Fund (BYDF)

The Bhutan Youth Development Fund (BYDF) is a nonprofit organization launched in 1999 by her Majesty Ashi Tshering Pem Wangchuck. With a special focus on disadvantaged youth, the Bhutan Youth Development Fund enables Bhutanese youth to realize their full potential as productive citizens. BYDF sustains various youth programs through the formal school curriculum as well as through extracurricular activities. BYDF supports activities that promote values in youth, preservation of culture and traditions,and recreational and sporting events. Some of BYDF’s programs include career counseling, guidance units and training of counselors, special programs for physically and mentally challenged children, scholarships for disadvantaged youth, addressing the needs of juvenile delinquents and school dropouts, and skills development to enhance employment opportunities for youth. The Bhutan Youth Development Fund partners with the Bhutan Foundation in providing assistance for youth development activities, especially in starting the Bhutan Special Education Project in 2008. In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, BYDF helped establish the Bhutan Special Education Project to provide five pilot schools in Bhutan with the facilities and technical expertise to serve the needs of students with mild to moderate disabilities. The Bhutan Youth Development Fund continues to work with the Bhutan Foundation as a stakeholder in supporting access to education for children with all abilities.