Perkins International

Perkins International is a global program at the Perkins School for the Blind in Massachusetts, the oldest school for the blind in the world. With a mission to break barriers that stand in the way of individuals reaching their full potential, Perkins International works to empower people with disabilities around the world for them to achieve their greatest potential and to recognize their innate dignity as valuable members of their communities. They specialize in providing meaningful education and vocational opportunities for those who are blind, deaf and blind, or blind with additional disabilities. Simultaneously, they advocate for strengthened policies, distribute assistive devices and technology, and build expertise of local international partners in more than 67 countries. Perkins International collaborates with a wide range of nonprofit organizations, associations serving people with disabilities, academic institutions, foundations, and government agencies to strengthen the skills of teachers, support parents, develop university programs, advocate for improved education and disability policies, and promote braille literacy.

The Bhutan Foundation’s Special Education Program is developing a strong partnership with Perkins International. This partnership began with an exploratory and evaluative trip to Bhutan in 2011, where Perkins provided their technical expertise and recommendations on the needs of the current special education programs in Bhutan. In addition, in 2013, Perkins International hosted the Ministry of Education and the US Special Education Advisory Committee at Perkins for a study visit of their facilities and services. The Special Education Program continues its collaboration with Perkins International, growing from their knowledge and experience in working throughout the world.