Health and Education are still two of the most critical areas that the Royal Government of Bhutan continues to support and develop. Recognizing the need to support the Royal Government of Bhutan in helping develop education programs for children with disabilities, the U.S. Special Education Advisory Committee launched the Special Education Program. Through this program, the Bhutan Foundation has supported numerous projects to help individuals with disabilities succeed within their communities. The U.S. Special Education Advisory Committee was, then, established to collaborate with the Ministry of Education as well as local stakeholders to identify and guide several key areas of development in special education.

Special Needs Small Grants Program

Through the Special Education Program, a Small Grants Program was established to provide various opportunities to our local partners and stakeholders for key projects to help advance their mission and have an impact. Learn more


From the early stages of the Program, there was a need to bring together all of the various organizations and institutions working in fields related to special needs. Annual roundtable meetings and workshops were established to enhance communication and the coordination of efforts. The stakeholders include all relevant Ministries, DPOs, international organizations in Bhutan, SEN school staff, and family members. Learn more

Special Education Needs Schools

Prior to this project there were only three schools in the country providing education to students with more severe disabilities: one for visual impairment, one for hearing impairment and one for other more severe disabilities including Autism, Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy. The MoE was concerned about the rate of student dropouts but was unaware that students could have mild to moderate disabilities, which can increase the rate of dropouts. These students make up a higher percentage of students than those with more severe disabilities Learn more


Change is a constant part of our lives. For students with disabilities, being able to successfully handle those changes from birth through old age can require extra effort on the part of the student, the family, and their community. The terms transition and transition planning describe how students with disabilities and those around them prepare for those changes. Here, the U.S. Special Education Advisory Committee has been instrumental in assisting schools, NGOs, and communities to begin addressing these needs. Learn more

Success Stories

The Bhutan Foundation Special Education Program celebrates the success of many key individuals who have made an impact within the Bhutanese communities. These individuals are heroes of our program who lead as examples for the rest of us and the country. Read about how these individuals have made a difference in their own lives and those around them. Learn more