Changangkha Middle Secondary School

Changangkha Middle Secondary School (MSS) is located in the capitol city of Bhutan, Thimphu, and was established as one of the first Special Educational Needs (SEN) schools in 2001. Being one of the first SEN schools in the country, Changangkha MSS became a lead model school.

The Bhutan Foundation’s Special Education Program has been providing support to Changangkha MSS since 2008. With embedded training at the school as well as training in the United States, Changangkha MSS has made some great strides in their special education program with improved educational approaches for students with disabilities and introducing a self-contained classroom for students with more severe disabilities. Additionally, Changangkha MSS also has a pull-out program to support students with mild to moderate learning difficultires.

Changangkha MSS’s dedicated staff has become leaders in the special education (SEN) program and continues as a partner in building the SEN Program throughout the country training other schools in the SEN process.

School Stats

Grades: K through 10
Total Number of students: 980
Total Number of SEN students: 41 (10 students in a self-contained classroom)
Total Number of teachers: 57
Total Number of SEN teachers: 8