Gelephu Lower Secondary School

Joining as a SEN school in 2014, Gelephu LSS has embraced the training to establish a SEN program at their school through Bhutan Foundation’s Special Education Program. Through the Bhutan Foundation’s Training of Trainers Program, trainers that included teachers from other SEN schools and the Ministry of Education trained teachers and the principal of Gelephu LSS to enhance their understanding of special education and how to best serve students with learning difficulties. They have begun screening all students to identify learning difficulties following the procedures developed by the Special Education Program. Gelephu LSS is still in its early stages of development as a SEN school and requires more resources and training to better serve the needs of their students.

School Stats

Grades: K through 8
Total Number of students: 1723
Total Number of SEN students: 40
Total Number of teachers: 77
Total Number of SEN teachers: 7