Khaling Lower Secondary School

The Special Education Program in Bhutan first began at Muenselling Institute, one of the first SEN schools and only school to serve students with visual impairment in Bhutan. Located in the same district as Muenselling in Trashigang, Khaling Lower Secondary School and Jigme Sherubling High School serve many of the same students with visual impairment and also have students with mild to moderate learning difficulties. This district has been a leader in interschool cooperation to help serve students in whichever school they attend. Through the Bhutan Foundation’s Special Education Program, Khaling LSS has been able to build their SEN Program through training of teachers, leadership in the school and providing resources that meet the needs of their students.

School Stats

Grades: K through 8
Total Number of Students: 345
Total Number of SEN students: 54
Total Number of teachers and support staff: 20
Total Number of SEN teachers: 7