Mongar Lower Secondary School

To enhance academic and develop human excellence by promoting lifelong learning skills through GNH values with inclusive and wholesome education.

The school shall strive to educate all children by building character, enriching knowledge, and providing opportunities for success through inclusive education, which includes GNH values, psychomotor development and affective growth.
Mongar Lower Secondary School (LSS) is committed to encouraging all pupils with special educational needs to have a positive self-image and to develop to his or her full potential. Every child in school is encouraged, valued and accepted equally, regardless of ability or behavioral needs.

With assistance from foreign teachers and dedicated staff, Mongar LSS had a well-established reading program in place when they became a SEN school at the inception of the Special Education Program in 2008. Today, they have become a lead SEN school having established a strong program to identify and assist students with mild to moderate learning difficulties from English language problems as well as disabilities. Having attended all the conferences and receiving embedded staff training from Bhutan Foundation’s summer conference and training of trainers, teachers at Mongar LSS are now training other schools on becoming SEN schools.

School Stats

Grades: K through 8
Total Number of students: 801
Total Number of SEN students: 51
Total Number of teachers: 43
Total Number of SEN teachers: 41