Muenselling Institute

The first special needs school in Bhutan, Muenselling Institute was established in 1972 as a boarding school serving the needs of students with visual impairment. Working with other local schools in the same district, Muenselling has been a leader in developing a strong, integrated education program for students with visual impairment.

The Bhutan Foundation’s Special Education Program’s partnership with Perkins International has strengthened training and resources specific to visual impairment. The Bhutan Foundation’s Special Education Program also supports the Muenselling Institute in their awareness programs within the local community such as celebrating International White Cane Safety Day and providing sensitization workshops on orientation and mobility.

School Stats

Grades: K through 6 (All Boarding)
Total Number of students: 29
Total Number of teachers and support staff: 12
Total Number of SEN teachers: 12 (All teachers are SEN teachers)