Tendruk Higher Secondary School

Tendruk Higher Secondary School (HSS) provides a safe and friendly environment on the southwestern border of Bhutan and serves children with disabilities from the Southern regions of Bhutan. Tendruk HSS was brought into the Special Education Program in 2010 and were chosen as an autonomous school by the Ministry of Education in 2013. Through the Bhutan Foundation’s Special Education Program, Tendruk HSS has been able to build their SEN Program through training of teachers, leadership in the school and providing resources that meet the needs of their students. Tendruk has put a high emphasis on social skills development through vocational activities for their children like making handicrafts, artwork and through a peer buddy program.

School Stats

Grades: K through 12 (All Boarding)
Total Number of students: 1674
Total Number of SEN students: 50
Total Number of teachers and support staff: 46
Total Number of SEN Teachers: 10